Spam-Liking: Good or Bad?


Hey guys!
I have seen a lot of spam-liking on the forum recently. Something I see on a lot of GTs is people discussing this topic.
On a recent poll on MY GT (make sure you check out my GT) I asked you guys if you think spam-liking is good/bad, and to please state your reasons in the comments. About 70% of you said that you think it was good, and 10% said you think it was bad. (About 20% were undecided) I really enjoyed @DogWithAPen and @background_inc answers the best. They basically both said it could be looked at two different ways: it may be bad because people are just trying to use likes/only liking the post for the sake of liking. It could be good because it feels good to get likes and feel supported, in some way.

What do you think about this topic? Please fill out this poll-

  • I like spam-liking. (I will list reason in comments)
  • I do not like spam-liking. (I will list reason in comments)

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It’s fun to spam like and I don’t see anything wrong. It’s just to play around with your Friend and FIRST


I like having notifications to look at lol. But other people don’t. But they think it’s fun to get in a spamliking War.

Heh. It can be looked at two different ways.


it’s kinda “meh” for me.


I like spam liking.
It is fun to give someone 200 notifications.
I also like being spam liked


I don’t like liking when it isn’t for the post itself
When I like I like it for the quality of the post
Not just to spam
But that’s what happens
I mean it’s ok,


I mean it’s not horrible but sometimes it is a little annoying


Spam liking is horrible! Unlike true liking, spam likers aren’t even showing real affection; they just like everything and everywhere … sometimes people do it even just to get their badges.


I don’t mind it. I mean you’re getting likes or some other people are getting likes. So it’s fine with me


tbh i don’t rlly care about spamiliking it’s fun to do with friends


I mean sometimes its annoying when ur waiting for ur friend to reply then u suddenly get like 76 notifications and 1 might be ur friend’s reply. But it feels good to be appreciated so I’m pretty neutral.


I agree, I’m pretty neutral


i like it


sometimes i guess


KVJ’s Third Law: Unless youve been spamliked like i have, dont bother complaining.

I AM LOOKING AT YOU @Candycane @t7lks @tankt2016 @AHappyCoder etc.


Don’t give me ideas

Jonny gamer messed with me and this is what happened to him


Its too late to give you ideas. Youve already carried out some (read: many) of them…



I love spam likes, and being spam liked! It’s amazing! I have so much fun spam liking people and they have fun spam liking me. (Even though they have to be the first person to like my post or I won’t even get the notification :wink:)


I feel like spam liking takes the meaning out of likes. They don’t mean as much because the people giving them didn’t actually read your post and don’t actually care or have any meaning behind the like. It’s just depressing to see 40 likes you didn’t actually earn.


You got it easy hahaha


Spamming is awesome