Spam liking and other things


Hi everybody!!! I'm new to the hopscotch forum and I've got 3 questions.
1. What is spam liking?
2. What is a poll and how do you get one?
3.How do you make a folder?
Thanks for helping!:smile:



Spam liking is when you like a ton of a specific person's posts.

Do you see that gear by the smiley face? Click on it. From there you can build a poll and a folder.


Hi, to make a folder and a poll tap this ^^

Then tap one of these

spam liking is when u like someone over and over again


Welcome @BaNaPuPpY1!!! :D
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Spam liking is when you like a lot of posts at once! People just do this for fun here! XD :D

And see the above posts for the other answers! :smile:
(I'm actually out of likes because I spam liked some people today XD)
Again, welcome! You'll have a great time with the forum! :D


ok thanks guys!!!!
thank you @Bananadog!!!!


like this?

like this?

Thank you!



  • Testing...
  • Testing again...
  • See if this works...


Cool !


Well I'm too lateโ€ฆ welcome! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you need help!


Ask @KVJ what spam-liking is.

It's where you like a ton of someone's posts or projects. I do it all the time to him on the forum.

And after I'm spam-liked, I tell the spam-liker that my forum like notifications were turned off.

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum! I hope you will have a great time here!