"Spam Flagging"

Hey everyone!

I’ve noticed that some people have been flagging forum posts that shouldn’t be flagged. This can lead to people feeling sad about their post being flagged, which isn’t a good thing. I know that sometimes we flag posts just so @system will close the topic, but that’s not completely necessary. ;)

A topic should be closed by @system if there are multiple inappropriate, mean, or off-topic posts. You shouldn’t flag all of the posts in a topic just because one of them violates the community guidelines. It isn’t very respectful to the topic owner or the users who participated in the topic.

##Make sure to flag when, and only when:
A post is completely irrelevant to the topic.
SillyHorses4Life: Hi everyone! This is a topic to share the projects you are most proud of! I’m most proud of my Horse Racer game.
SmileyCatz369: Hey guys today my math teacher was soo mad because someone ate their plastic watermelon dolphins while she was teaching! Haha!

A post is inappropriate or disrespectful.
CowGal: I just made a game called Bounce! You have to jump over the wrenches and save the jumpyduckz. What do you think? Any feedback?
KrazyRock123: I don’t like your game. It’s really bad! I mean seriously you shouldn’t be a coder. You’re almost as bad at coding as Bad Cooker Bob is at cooking.

Note: Although CowGal asked for feedback it isn’t very nice to give rude feedback. Constructive criticism is okay, but remember to be nice when giving feedback.

A post is spam.
CookieL0ver: Hi! I’m making a graph project for school using Hopscotch, and I need everyone’s favorite cookie flavors/types. Thanks!
HackingBalloon4: Yo guys go check out my Instagram it’s amazing. I’m GoodCookerSally6.

Note: HackingBalloon4 is also sharing personal information.

A post is sharing personal information.
AwesomeGorilla: Hi! I’m new to the forum. I’m 12 years old, a boy, my name is Bob McDonald, and I live on Yellow Brick street. Bye!

Note: You can share some personal information such as gender, first name, etc. but make sure not to be super specific.

Anything violating the Community Guidelines.
Pretty self-explanatory.

When you flag a menu that looks like this will pop up:

If you don’t see your reason for flagging, then it’s probably not worth flagging the post. If you’re not sure wether or not a post should be flagged, then you might want to email the Hopscotch team with help@gethopscotch.com.

Thanks for reading this guys!!


I agree and awesome speech @Intellection74!:grinning::clap:


Great speech!


Aweosme!! You must have spent a long time writing this! I have seen a lot of unnecessary flags lately.


I agree completely!

It’s a lot if work for admins to approve, as well as system closes topics that shouldn’t be closed.

A topic I was in was spam flagged today and my posts that were appropriate and helpful got hidden :\ so did helpful, kind posts around me.
Guys, make good choices, only flag when needed :D


I’m so proud, inty.

But seriously, don’t spam flag. It helps no one, and remember, THT knows who’s doing it too.


Great topic, I agree completely!

You have examples and helpful tips so now everyone (who doesn’t know yet) can know what they’re flagging and why. This is a really nice topic!


Great topic! :D
This will be helpful to anyone who didn’t really understand flagging yet, I’d definitely recommend this topic for any new users!

Spam-flagging can close helpful topics, hide useful posts, and just antagonize everyone overall.

(Also GoodCookerSally yessssss)


Amazhang Topik!!

Did you have to remind me of the Yellow Brick Road? memoriesssss


Great topic!
I just saw a topic that was spam-flagged and closed. A lot of posts on there didn’t deserve to be flagged.

Good speech!

Fun fact I never flagged in my life!
im so cool


I agree! I got spam flagged once on my EnchantedAnimallover account.

Since there is no one to moderate the flags now, it was hidden, si I just deleted the post. :1

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You might not want to do that, deleting a flagged post automatically approves it. D:


Oh, really?
basically the main reason I got a new account

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Whoops, sorry, I didn’t know you already knew that XD


Aw man I didn’t know that either xD

Oh well



We really need this. As a growing forum, we need to grow correctly.

I don’t know if the HT does this, but they may have to approve flags. It’s a pain for them to go through these, which is why flagging yourself for no reason is almost as bad as flagging others for no reason.


Great topic! I have something to confess, but one time I thought it would be funny to flag a few random posts, but then a mod told me to stop so i did (I will not do it again)


I completely agree! That’s an awesome speech! Great job!

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How long did it take to write this?

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