Spam Compliments!


Hi everyone!

I talked about this idea a little in my Happiness topic, and now I'm making a topic for it!

So we've all heard of spam-likes. But how about spam compliments?

We choose one user and just spam them with compliments! I think that would make someone's day!

You can even nominate yourself!

Thanks! Let's try to make every happy. This is my happy topic!

Current Spam Compliment Target:


Look for @AHappyCoder's second post! It's editable. Put a compliment in for huggingfluffybear. Don't forget to sign your username!

And please don't tag your nominations! We want it to be a surprise!

Tag list! Please do this, it will make people's day!



I nominate HuggingFluffyBear


I nominate all da peoplez XD.


That's who I thought of! Oh yes, that brings me to something! If you're nominating someone, don't tag them! Make it a surprise. So should we do this? One editable post or just different posts?


Edit this with complements!

You are so Inspiring, super, nice, helpful, and creative!-AHC

Bestest Friend Ever!- F_i_t_S

Very nice and helpful with code. You make everyone's days! -Maltese

So fluffy! And helpful and nice :D -AAAW

You are a great coder! You're also super nice to everyone and helpful! CodingCupcake123

Amazing coder! – tankt2016

"There are many aspects of life, each with a certain amount of good and bad. But, one exception is you, being 100% good." -

Even if no one sees it, you are amazing.

Your projects are very fun and creative! Keep it up! :D
~ Spread Positivity

I think we have enough!



Maybe one editable post per person?

I just realized it's nearly impossible to surprise me on the forum because I read everything XD.


Or should we just use A Happy coders?


I'll be back, I have to go!


I don't know. One per person would be organized so people don't get confused about whose are whose.


I nominate friendship2468. She's had a tough time recently, and a lot of people wouldn't be all that sad to see her go, but she's really trying her best to be nicer.


I nominate myself


This is a very good idea!


I nominate DancingLollipop.


I nominate my pet turtle a.k.a


Remember! :D


*Razor is editing his topic


Yes! All people need this! :smile:


Right. But I think we could all sign it. Hmm...What do y'all think? What's the best way to do this?


I think it would be easier if it was all in one editable post... I'll add some instructions at the top!


Leave the topic please, it's a surprise! Sorry if that was rude!