Space Warfare : COD


Hey guys I'm making a cod Space Warfare on hopscotch not a collab but just informiation


Here's the first leaked image saw it here first :


Hey guys just releasing the newest photos of my game


Shop = :neutral_face:


Hey guys finally leaked the whole dlc 1 details


I am worried about it being 18 and up...


Well you don't really have to be 18 or up just able to handle any violence which must be turned on in the settings it's default of


I would not do the bad elements, like blood. There are little kids on here, and they may get scared. And Hopscotch—barely anyone who plays it is over age 18. Sorry, I don't think this is a good idea. :confused:

EDIT: just saw the post above.


Hey guys here some more teasers the beta will release soon the trailer is being made now


Are you excited for a New Cod game on Hopscotch With space warfare Campaign beta you can experience they call of duty fun again here's the link enjoy


Hi here at LostCreation studios we are proud to present Our new game ?????? Want to know the name like this post for the name


Here's a short first person code demo you can view to get code ideas.
To get realistic left-right scrolling create a separate x-y value and forever set a sprites position to that x-y value + or - whatever
And create a Z value and forever set a sprites size to that Z value + or -

To get a more realistic scale effect, you should have the Z value increase/decrease by 10 percent and not increase by 1 or higher as sprites grow quickly when small and slow when large.


Hey I'm making a version of the multiplayer beta but need your for thing so can you put on here just edit the trees as the map

EDIT : as always forgot he link here


Sorry can't collab with you.
I've got a very difficult game I want to make with @justanerd
And I won't have my iPad tills week from now.
I'm using someone else's.


aghhhhhhhhhhhh why I can't make the thing well il try


You do?


i closed the topic i was asking to collab with you.
Well you are busy with allot of things.
You don't need a massive headache like the game i was asking for you to collab with would have caused.


@Ashtonman is the blood and gore like the times when you can send those dogs out for you and they rip out your brains? My favourite one is when you put the knife through someone's heart and they automatically die.

If so,

SabotageWarning is gonna be the biggest supporter of your game!


You think too... Small... I've been thinking if I could get somebody to get an HTML reader/executor in tynker, then using cloud lists and an encoding/decoding system we could make, well, the Internet xD

But that would take a looooong time

But first I've gotta get used to tynker, so why not?

Anyway this is kinda off topic (a lot) so email meh a user and password for a collab?


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