Space Waffles Incorporated


MENTOR GROUP 3: @NindroidGames
CODER: @PartTimeFemale
JUDGE: @Sugarisyummy


Thanks, @Petrichor

Is “Space Waffles Incorporated” your name?

If so you might want to run that with your coder and see if he/she agrees.


She and yes


This name makes me so enjoyed to be your judge


Your group is actually the first to make the topic, so if you guys want you can brainstorm! I know themes have not been given out yet, however it is always good to get to know your mentor and discuss if you do not know much about them! @Sugarisyummy if you have any doubts please refer to the judges topic I tagged you in to know what you can and can not do and more details!

Also, do you mind after the name of your group writing mentors challenge just for extra reassurance? Thanks!


I hope all of you got a chance to view your theme! Please get started on your project. Remember, the mentor can help however cannot create the project. That is the coder’s job. It is the judges job to monitor this activity and report it to me if anything looks fishy.

Let me know if you have any questions!!



@PartTimeFemale what is the progress on your game? I hope you got a chance to view the theme and get started! I also hope that you are taking the help of @Petrichor if needed!


You guys getting done remember like the dancer said you need to get finished


Hi everyone!
Please please please please please please please check out the Mentors Coding Challenge topic! There is a very important message on there regarding group switches, and this group is affected!



So I guess I’m with you now?:grinning:


@Ducks_Happy @Petrichor how’s the progress?


Better I have some ideas in just trying to pick the best!:grinning:


Good job! Remember the theme is school and the due date is May 10th




@Ducks_Happy what’s going on

We have about a week so maybe make something that can get on featured?


Yup I’ll tell you my idea but I have two
Paper and pencil
Backpack and
Imma choose pencil and paper it’s easier


Just check in how’s it go in?


Here’s a sneak peak I’m not done though!


@Petrichor and @Sugarisyummy here is is the finished product, I worked so hard on this so I hope you to like it!


I made it on my new account called RainbowSloth