Space Vortex Beta


I made this topic for this


Dat legit

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Most credit should go to That One Guy Creation A lot of it was his script I just changed some cos and sin on it and a few variables and the text and background

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This is it with a 700x better resolution but it takes 8 minutes to load about and I was scared t might crash before it went into animation so here's a photo with it about 3/4 loaded

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@LegendOfFriday, I know how to speed up the loading time of your project, as well as increase the resolution so that it looks smoother, and still make it pretty fast. (Under 30 seconds at most). If you like I can post the project so you can use the code.

By the way, amazing project! I really like it, it looks so neat!


Sure that would be amazing!


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There you go:

It's a bit unstable (crashes sometimes). You can make the project even smoother if you want. Just change the Increase Pos to 0.25.

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That's an epic project! Great job!!! :smile: (Lol, the speeds in the web links are so fast). I know right now its just in beta, can I nominate the final version for featured?


Of course I'm like at 99,000 total game views so I'm trying to get another featured to hit my goal


Thanks I found it and reposted it and gave you credit in title


This is latest version as of now I don't know what else to do with it soo yea

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One man creation has a lot to do with it he made a circle with similar functions so He deserves a lot of credit

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But I mean I think it's done I don't know what else it would need


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