Space Flight Teaser!



Oh my god that's amazing!!! When is this coming out???


OMG cool!!! How did you do this?


O M G, it looks AMAZING AND SPECTACULAR, @alish! Its probably the best space project I've seen! The videos gonna be awesome when its released!


That's probably the best video Hopscotch ever created !


HELP it won't play! It just turns black and does nothing


Awesome! I can't wait 'til it comes out!


@alish, this really amazing and cool! Can't wait 'till it comes out!


Can someone give me tips on how to play the video it won't play even if I tap the play button


You May Have To Install Flash Player On Your Computer.


I'm on my iPad I can't get adobe flash player:pensive:


I viewed it on my iPad just fine...:confused:


Here's Another Way To View It. Download The YouTube App, Then Go To The Hopscotch Team YouTube Channel, Then Click "Space Flight Teaser".


I'm not allowed to get apps and it's like 10:40 PM at my house
PLUS I can't watch you tube videos unless it's a hopscotch video
And my iPad doesn't have enough space on the memory


I'm not allowed to have the YouTube app or go to the YouTube website
(My parents are insane) how an I play it?


May be if I view it on a post that's mine ill work!

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Sorry that you can't see the video :(