Space club join plz this took me forever๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•‘๐Ÿ•’๐Ÿ•“๐Ÿ•”๐Ÿ••Jupiter is awesome๐Ÿ˜Ž Join 4 follow stop changing title!



Hoi!!!!! This is a space club!!!! (There you go, @Arinman11)

Form (sign in to participate in challenges, ETC):
HS username:
How much do u like space (on scale of 1-10)?:
Will u tell me when u publish a space-themed project?:
Facts (example: (fact) (where you learned this)) (optional):

Poll: ur favorite planet (in our solar system)

  • Earth! There's no place like home!
  • The planet of the apes! (Idk)
  • Mercury! Soo close to the sun!
  • Venus! Our (terrible) sister planet!
  • Mars! Could be colonized!
  • Jupiter! It's MASSIVE!!!!!
  • Saturn! Rings, most moons, etc!
  • Uranus! Farrrr awaaaaay!


Votes are public.

Space game!

Fact: looking at a star, a planet the size of Jupiter passing by it would only decrease how bright it looks by %1!

members of club only (everything here is useless if ur not member of club)

Get a fictional planet fact file made!


Planet looks:
Planet name:
Galaxy (optional):
Type (rocky/gas giant/dwarf planet):
Life forms (optional):
Extras (rings, etc.):

(U must be member I'd club or I won't do this 4 u)

This month's challenge:
Make a project themed of ur fav planet! (Anywhere, any solar system, any Galaxy) and place a link in the comments!

(Will not accept entries if ur not member of club)

Publish a project titled "spaceyspace" and I will follow u! (Must be member of club or I won't follow u)

A few facts:

Plz join this club it took me FOREVER to make!


Hi yayah! Cool you made the space club!!! But I think Jupiter has more moons than Saturn...


Look it up! Saturn has the most moons! Anyway, u gonna join?




Weird..... I swear i read that in a book.... So, u gonna join (fill out form)


HS username: Arinman11

How much do u like space (on scale_emphasized text_ of 1-10)?: 8.5

Will u tell me when u publish a space-themed project?: I can make one right now if u want me to

Facts (example: (fact) (where you learned this)) (optional): The Big Red spot is a storm that's been raging for hundreds of years, Saturns rings consist of Ice and rock, scientists today know more about the surface of the moon than they do the bottom of the ocean, Mars used to have water, and Uranus was hit by an asteroid, causing its rings to go vertical Ive known these facts for too long to remember where I got them from


Idk maybe you just read an outdated book? Saturn still does have the 2nd most moons so maybe it was published at a time before most of jupiters moons where discovered.


And yes I'm joining @Mr.rex


I think I got it for Christmas, like, last year....


Oh... :thinking:


ACCEPTED! So, now u can use stuff in MEMBERS ONLY section!


:scream: Wow....wait what??


What? Oh... No, ur member of club...


Oh :sunglasses: I'm going to make a Space game now


K! When will u be back?


7:15 Eastern time (I live in New England)


Or in 20 minutes if u live somewhere else


See you! (Yes I'm also in eastern time; I'm in tennesee)


Tennessee?? Cool. The state of tennis! (Lol jk I'm not dat dum.b) Ya I'm back my hopscotch is glitching so I'm gonna do it tommorow it's not really the app it's my iPad


Oh... I'll cancel reminder... Also.. Who changed my topic's name?