Space Challenge?



So, I really... Really... Really like space. And I want to make a space background in Hopscotch using @MagmaPOP's smooth background code! However, I will need help and I was wondering if you could help, MagmaPOP! I know you're a pro at sin and cos art, but if you'd rather not, that's cool.

It would also be a game! You would either be able to go into code or use some controls in the actual game the change the colors and code.

If you want to help, reply!


This sounds fun I wish I could help but I don't have the time!


Aww! Okay, well thanks!


No problem!! It's my pleasure!


I know how to do those backgrounds; I could help!


I understand how to do them, just wondering how we would do nebulas and things like that! I can do stars.


I could try and do some nebula line art :slight_smile:


I'm going only okay, but just in case check out our profile!


Oh yeah, we also made a 3D French fry box!


Too many exclamations, right?


That'd be cool!

If only we could set trail invisibility... long sigh
Well, I have some ideas lined out, like we could use shapes and things!


Space stuff/examples.



@MagmaPOP :wink:


No... Sorry, I wouldn't want to help... :confused: @Sparkczy


I could help. Your not the only space fanatic around.


Okay, cool.

@Creatorstyle awesome!


@Rawrbear hey, would you be able to help us?


Probably not, but @BuildASnowman definitely would! Look at his profile picture! :smile:


What should I do to start?