Sounds Not Working


Hey guys!
So, when I was playing @Hitokage's featured project, I realized that I didn't hear the music.
I turned the volume up.
I pressed the mute button in the corner. I pressed it again.
It still didn't work.
Did this happen to anyone else?

I noticed this a few days ago when I was working on a project that I intended to have sound in. I selected the "start sound" block, and choose a noise. You know how when you click on a sound it normally plays the sound for you in the editor? Well, it didn't. I figured it could have been becuase of the new update, so I started the project to see if it would sound in the game. It didn't.

In short: Sound in hopscotch is not working for me, in projects, drafts, or editors.

My wifi is fine, I have restarted the app and my iPad, my volume was turned up, hopscotch was not muted.
I believe I am using a iPad mini 2. It might not be that model though...

Does anyone else have this problem?
@Liza @Rodrigo @awesomeonion

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That's weird, yeah, sometimes that happens to me too! The sound on HS, sometimes glitches


Yeah, but the thing is, mine like never works.
It doesn't just glitch-it stops completely.


That's weird, hopefully the HS team will answer!:wink:


I never listen to sound on HS.


That is what I said. Do you have the latest IOS?


Yep. And I have the latest version of hopscotch.


Could you post the link to the project that you were playing when it did not work?


Well, it never works, but the particular one I was talking about was


is your ringer on?

unless if you have a newer ipad with no ringer button than idk


It worked fine for me. Did you have your mute in the control center turned off?


It happens to me too. D:


Um I have no idea? I think so, I guess...

@sophia71205, yes, my mute was off.


I really want to know what I can do to fix this so I can make projects with sound again....


Should you use the OMTL tomorrow evening if no one has helped you by then?


I don't normally use the omtl for anything unless I really want the community's input. In this case, I do, but I am more interested in what THT have to say, whom I have already tagged. I don't think it is necessary to tag so many people-I'd love to hear their suggestions, but for this particular subject, I think THT will be more helpful. I may tag them again tomorrow.


Meaning your iPad's mute switch wasn't on?


Since hopscotch updated to the way it is now with subscriptions and stuff I haven't been able to hear any sounds


I fixed it! Woah I like the sound my keyboard makes. Tap tap tap tap it sound like tiny little bubble wrap


Yeah. Mute was off. Sound was on. iPad is not muted. iPad sound should work.