Sound Library Expansion on HS?



After adding images, HS has become more versatile, but what good does it do if the sound library is a bit limited. Here are some of suggestions that would not take up too much storage to make and would expand functionality a lot:

  1. Add two parameters to the start sound block: pitch and volume – this is so you can have one thing be a background or foreground sound, and you can also change the pitch of it.
  2. Simplify the note blocks. With the new pitch parameter, you only need to have a few note blocks (piano A, violin A, etc.) to have different tones that are adjustable by pitch. I know it sounds confusing, but I’m sure there is a way this could work
  3. Add a text to speech block (word filter applies) to speak a text.
  4. Add a when rule that detects when a certain phrase is said (word filter applies here too)

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  • Yeet - good idea will work
  • Yay - good idea could see it working
  • Yes - decent idea could see it working
  • Ok - decent idea
  • Meh - idea was ok
  • Not Cool - didn’t like the idea but could see it working
  • Bad idea - didn’t like the idea and can’t see it working

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I’ve thought about some of these things but moderating it would be a pain and person would find ways to get around the filters…
I could see it working tho.

I think the first and second ideas should definitely be added, tho.


That is why I suggested text to speech with the same word filter instead of custom sounds (that would be a pain to moderate), and that they should also know some tricky phrases so that something like “pho king” doesn’t speak out.
There has to be some way to make it work


The first 2 should definitely be added. I don’t about the other ones but we’ll have to see what the hopscotch team thinks


Oh oops. I read that wrong, sorry.

I agree completely then.


Yes, it would be tricky because of phrases such as “pho king” getting through the filter, but I think THT would be able to pull it off with, possibly a 3rd party voice recognition software.


I like all the ideas, except for the text to speech one. That would just be kinda weird.


Maybe. It’d be really interesting if they were able to make it work


I think that is a hit or miss kind of thing. It is THT’s choice if they want to add it or not.

#1 and #2 would just require a tweak to adjust pitch or volume and I could see that being very useful, as it would not require much extra storage (maybe a few megabytes to code it, but no extra sound files).

#3 and #4 are closer to custom (which could be a disaster) but it is controlled, and that would be a tough thing to add, and many people would not like that idea

This poll is all over the place


Yeah. And the last one isn’t a necessity, but it’d be cool. So, like bg_inc said, the only ones I would use would be the first two.


Imagine having a siri like voice in your game



IThink it is a good idea


I think all of these would be great ideas. :grinning:


How did you do that text?


Great idea! It can make more sound-related games and new games


Why should I tell you


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Oh ok thanks TheAmazingJello


Some or this has been suggested many times before, and I like and agree with all of your ideas! :slight_smile:


Scratch 3.0 has something like that. (Text to speech thingy)

that didn’t help, did it? Sorry.