Sorry we wont be on much


Sorry if im not on much
Our school is taking up ipads next tuesday and i wont be on
The same goes for
We go to the same school and are taking up and resetting all ipads


Wha-?! Really?! Oh noes not mai I-pad! ;-;-;-;-;-;
cuddles I-pad


Next tuesday is spring break..


Ill be back in an hour
Going to lunch


Oh yeah.....
Well, I'm dum.b...


You aint dum.b
U smart


True... true...


Nuuuuuuuuuuu ;-;

You will come back right?


Also I will be on after I will use my phone


I will still be on after/before school, weekends and summer. So im not going anywhere xD


T-thanks @UnderagedCoder1 and @TACOCODE ! I'll probably use my computer if I can @CandyflossClouds fren ;-; (but our I-pads probably won't be collected until the end of May)


Same :slight_smile: sorry if any of the ones tag doesn't have a phone,a tablet or something like that


I'm going to miss you ;-;
Fellow MTT fangirl...


Same here. I might be back during the summer, but until then, bye.


I'll miss you too!
I'll try to be online as much as possible friendpai and fellow MTT fangirl!
(No one on tha forum understands me as much as you! Well, besides @Kosho... but still! :sob:)


I understand you too much..


Your the only former that has a lot in common with me XD
Also some time this year I may be getting my hair styled to look like Mettaton! (I may be out of the UT fandom by then but still)


Same frennnnnn


Your like my HS twin XD


Exactly that's what I was thinking when we first met