Sorry that im not very active anymore


Between school and getting the hs forum doesn't seem as great. I'm sorry


Aww, that's a shame.

I hope to still see you sometimes!



Have an awesum time away from the forum fren!


Smishy, I will miss you.


I will miss you too frenpai @Murphy1!


The forum just doesn't seem the same as it did a week ago


Aw... Well, have a good time!


Yeah. I haven't been able to go on as much either since school started. :/


It's okay. We all have those times.


What's wrong with the Hopscotch forum?


It's fine! :smiley:


What? Will you at least be on HS? We were buddies with the kitties, remember? :frowning::crying_cat_face:


Hmmmm... I'm struggling to make projects every 2 days, i wish i could cut it to a week, but I dont know if I should... :frowning: :pensive:


It doesn't seem as awesome


I understand. I really hope that you will find the forum great again soon. I will miss you!


You'll lose your Regular if you leave.