Sorry people. Please forgive me



Hi everyone,
This is specifically for @friendship2468, @PopTart0219, @Sparkczy and a few other people. Oh and @Kiwicute2016.

The other day, @Rawrbear and I got into a flame war with you guys. (@Kiwicute2016, I just tagged you because I felt bad for arguing with you; you don't really have to do with much of the rest. You're such a great moderator, I felt really bad.)

So people who are rather annoyed with me, (I think I missed a few, sorry)
this is an apology. I should be a lot more polite with my beliefs. Both in real life and online, I get riled up quickly. I have to work on that. From now on, I am going to try to be a lot more polite with my beliefs and disagreements.

There's this thing some Christian kids learn when they're little, WWJD. It stands for What Would Jesus Do? From now on, I have to think about that more. I was trying to represent my religion, but it wasn't in the best way. Let's forgive and forget, and let go of the past!
Thanks everyone!


Um me too.


Umm...You weren't part of it. :sweat_smile:


What oh by "me too" I ment that I am Christian I don't necicarlly dollow WWJD since I'm bi


That's great that you're Christian! To be fair, everybody's great! :blush:


@Rawrbear, I have not surrendered to this issue. I may not support it, but I have to find politer ways to express it. I have realized getting angry and lashing out is producing the opposite effect I was looking for.


I like to see that Christian atmosphere. But anyways, you said hopscotch is supposed to accept everyone, right? That means you can accept me along with my beliefs.


This is awesome!

This is exactly what a role model would do! :D


Thanks! That's really nice of you to say! It's kind of been on my mind lately, and I felt a little guilty...


Some people might have been asleep or at school and have no idea what I'm talking about. :joy:

There was a flame war, a big one. I'm apologizing because I feel bad about how I acted.


I've never followed that... Great though!

It's my fault for getting mad at you you don't need to be sorry just because I'm disrespectful.


I am sorry though. We all have stuff to work on; my problem is my temper.


Just remember that not everybody is Christian and that LGBT are people too. :wink:


Believe me, I know the first one. And I have been trying to remember the second thing lately.


It's oaky we all make mistakes!


I forgive you!
Though I wasn't really involved :sweat_smile:


I suppose this is my apology topic.

I know, I know, I keep getting into flame wars that I shouldn't. I'm really, sincerely sorry. Everyone is welcome here on the forum, even if I don't believe what they do. From now on, I'll try to politely respond or ignore flamey comments and not make ones of my own.

I also want to give a quick note to @friendship2468:

Lately, it's been a bit icey between us. Here's my peace offering. I may not believe what you believe, but that doesn't mean I should not be nice to you. You're super nice, and you have a great personality.

Sorry to the leaders too, we've been arguing a lot. You're busy enough, I'll try to stop wasting your time with annoying flame wars. I think you're all awesome, wise leaders and mods, but I haven't really been showing that. @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @Gilbert189

So yeah.

I hope all's good now, or we can possibly make it all good eventually. :D

Have a nice day everyone. :D


Thanks for liking, @SmilingSnowflakes.

You just gave me the Admired badge. :stuck_out_tongue:


@codingCupcake123 friendship is banned for four weeks


I know. I figured you'd read it when you came back or come on your backup account. Or maybe you could read it without logging in. :D

Hope we can be friends. :D