Sorry... Maybe... Idk you decide



I feel like I've been a little on edge in my replies this week...

  • No you're fine...
  • Yea kinda
  • It's getting on my nerves... Just leave...


If you said anything after the option No, then...


Is it to late now to say


God I hate that song
Anyways. The reason I'm a little irritated is because
A) School is stress zone
B) I'm lazy and a procrastinator and that makes everything a LOT WORSE (not really a procrastinator but still :p)
C) I've gotten a bunch of hate lately and I've been seeing hate passed around on the forum and I'm tired of being nice and fluffy about it

Basically the hormones are kicking in. (Yeah ladies, it's time XD)
^_____ if you didn't understand this don't ask
Anyways, I just wanted to say sorry if you guys thought I've changed or something, cuz I'm still good ol' OS


I feel ya!
6th grade.. :neutral_face:
I went back to school after four days, it's no fun having an outdoor campus...
I'm literally having the same problem!!


6th Grade b liek
Mkay you're gonna study for 1 day, take tests on 2 days, and have loads of homework for the rest of the week!
Oh btw, on top of that, you're gonna go through some really awkward stages of life, so watch out for that

Teachers :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree.
1) Bullies
2) School
3) Big game (Hopscotch)
4) Soccer
5) Yaas procrastinate!
EDIT: @OrangeScent1 check out THR (The Hopergent Runner) for edits.


Wow for da first time in forever I'm checking it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohh... Well, I hope you can still focus on school and other important things!


I feel you, don't worry.
(Except I'm in 8th grade which in my opinion is a whole lot worse but..)

This is literally what's happening in my life:

  1. Huge project that we had about a week and a half to do.
  2. Tests!!!
  3. Standardized test coming up too :disappointed:
  4. Year end and semester finals. Really??
  5. Thinking about college? Already? What?
  6. Fencing 3+ nights a week
  7. Procrastinate for lief!!!!

So, I understand if you get a bit stressed. It's fine! And to be honest, I didn't really see a change from your usual happy self!


@OrangeScent1 I have 90 minute classes.... And this is me: 🙄🙄🙄:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Why is there a Donald Trump tag on this topic? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Donald trump should be tagged on every topic bro lol


i feel ya os!
your perfectly fine though :smiley:the same ol' orangescent we all love :smiley: :smiley:


Hillary for life xD


HILLARY?!?!?! Bernie Sanders FTW! Or anyone else, as long as it's not Trump! xD

I've gotta invite @DuckmanTerry here!


Agreed this is a bit weird

But I don't care


and Hillary




Agreed, I want Hillary Clinton to win the debate


Idk why DT, I just did :stuck_out_tongue: and @LotsaPizza I'll check THR now


Yes....... I like Jeb Bush lol

Baller Status


I'm so secretive lolz