Sorry I've been inactive


Ok guys... I knew when I started hopscotch the day would come when... I would slow down on the forum. I'm sorry guys, but this week was my birthday week, and I just got my new iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I will keep working on Hopémon go, and I won't give up on the forum till I'm a leader!


Nice! Happy birthday! :smiley:


Thanks! It's actually today! :cake:


Happy birthday, @Zachyswag! You're an amazing person and coder, have a wonderful day! :D


Happy birthday! :D
Woah, you got an iPad Pro? It's huge, and I know because my mom has one!


Yeah! We got a huge deal at Verizon! $300 off any iPad! I finally got the chance to beta test swift playgrounds on there and I love it!!!


Thanks smiling snowflakes!


I'm also beta testing iOS 10! Developer versionUploading...


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear @Zachyswag
Happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday! :smiley: :tada:


Cha cha cha!
Ooh La la!
Cut the cake and say hi yah!


Happy Birthday!:gift::clap::tada::sparkles::tada::gift:


Thanks nia!

boj boog neht, siht gnidaer era uoy fi


Someone gets a cookie if they can say the secret message


If you are reading this then good job


It's reading... but take a cookie! :cookie:


Thank you!

Eats cookie


MWAH HAW HAW!! I tricked you! The cookie was...




Congratuverylatetions on the iPad and on being older!


Thank you! Congraduverymuchahopalistalations!