Sorry I haven't been on hopscotch lately


Sorry I haven't been on hopscotch lately! I've been posting low-quality projects and reposts. I've been sooooo busy! In fact, today I read around 200 pages of The Hunger Games!!!!! I also finished it. Omg Katniss and Peeta r goals ;-; until the end ;-; I hate the ending sooooo much ugh I just want to tear up the book! Peeta and Katniss should be together idk why Katniss doesn't realize this. Don't spoil the series for me! I'm gonna get the next two books on Tuesday at my library. So, sorry I've been inactive. Hopscotch had become sorta boring.

I almost cried when I read the ending to THG I was telling my mom about how much I hated the ending and I choked up ;-;


I only read and watched the first book/movie




You should get this game for the hunger games it's on the App Store it's cool


Ok but I rrrreeeaaallllyyy want to spoil the ending of the whole series tho xD


Sameeeeeee i wanna tell everybody how I felt about it it's so adorableeeeee


The ending of the third book is so much worse :sob::sob:


Me too. I just finished it last week.


Ya don't have to be sorry
It's fine