Sorry! I haven't been as helpful!


I'm sorry I haven't been replying quite as much. I hurt my ankle and really injured my knee on a trampoline (I had to hit it a few times to try to keep it back in place lol) and I am using my phone this weekend to access the forum. I'm trying to manage, but its not easy using a tiny screen. I may not be able to answer questions and I apologize in advance. I also am not online as much, I am very busy!


Awww... Feel better soon!!


It's ok! I never really got a major injury tbh, sorry that your ankle and knee is hurt!


I'm just super duper busy and am trying to keep up with things.


Thanks! I hurt myself so much I just laugh about it.


Feel better soon :D


Update: I decided to go on the trampoline again and... Long story short, my best friend ended up popping my knee back into place.