Sorry... I guess


Lately I have been short circuited and I'm sorry. Today I had a horrible day, 1 St a bunch of older kids broke my stuff. Then I got a couple bad grades and then kids started taunting me and I think I have been "mean" to you guys @Yandere-Chan I am sorry. Guys I really am


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Thanks you guys are cheering me up a little now my days a 1 instead of 0.00000000000002


It's OK, we all make mistakes!

But don't look at the bad decisions you might have made in the past
Focus on making good choices in the future!

I know you mean well, I'm sorry that this happened.

But it's OK!



Don't worry!
We all make mistakes, but if you learn from your mistakes, it never really was a mistake, but a lesson. - Someone, somewhere
I hope your day gets better, throws happy confett :D


It's ok we all make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes. I know how you feel.


We all make mistakes.
All we have to do is say sorry and try to fix them. :smile: