Sorry hopscotch I fixed the prob it's the new update



HELP PLZ my hopscotch has warped from iPad diversion to iPhone version omg plz help I want to code but I can't @Liza


Wait what


That's the update tho XD


It's just the new update! XD
(I'm pretty sure you can still code, it's just an update. :P)


@PopTart0219, he means the new update. He doesn't know about it.

@Over_Powered_Wizard1, it's the new update. Hopscotch is now like that :wink:

EDIT: I tagged waddlemarco instead of Over_powered_wizard XD (sorry)


Sorry, this is a new update
But you gotta deal with it or people will get mad at you (or at least me)


You can still code, it's not a bug, just the update. Remember to be kind about your feelings toward it!


Wait how did you know I was on this topic BEFORE I posted?


well then I'll have to get used to it


Look at the post again :3