Sorry guys, gtg

I think I might leave......again...but this time for real. I'm no use to the forum, all I can ever do is be a copycat on other's topics, plus, I can't make anything barely half-decent. This topic isn't for attention, i just wanted to let anyone who cares know that I'm leave. Sorry guys. The forum doesn't need me. So, see you around I guess. While your still here, Please flag this too. This is merely a notice. No one will probably even look. Flags are welcomed.


Aww bye. I'll miss you :slight_frown:

No, please don't leave! D:

This paragraph you wrote... it's not true. None of it is. You are not leaving. You can make stuff better than half decent, and I looked. If you want, I could help you code on my general topic!


Please don't leave! If you do though, we'll all miss you!

please don't deny it...

I thought you left

;-; We will all miss u. ;-;