Sorry, Guise, For My Activity


I'm sorry. I'm not on really much at all.

If you're not on for the thirty minutes I'm on, Soren, you won't see me that day.

Basically, what happened is tha I got addicted, and decided to limit myself to 30 minutes a day.

I was successful the last two days if you noticed.

Also, so many things happened when I wasn't on. @smishsmash got spam likes (I think?) by @Gilbert189 or so,etching, as said in her profile.

Well, I'm excited to see all of you, and projects will delay. ;-;

This is for my very own good. I only have, like a minute left. Bai!

PS: This will only be going for a week, I think.



Gilbert (o) made me a fan account in HS :D
And gave spam laiks!

I hope it fixes ur addiction! Don't forget completely about us tho!

Have an awesome time away from the forum! :D


This is very good of you :wink:!

Well some, I'd just be like "just another minute..." XD


Yes, I know. That's my problem!
Just ONE more:

  • Episode of a show
  • Season of a show (Sadly)
  • Minute of Forum
  • Minute of Code
  • Minute of sleep
  • Chip
  • Mashmallow
    And the list goes on and on! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Oh, okay. I understand. We all get hooked to our devices!