Sorry for the Inactivity. D:



Sorry. I am going to an art camp for two weeks from 9:00 am to 5:15 pm.

And then next week, I will be going to a Vacation Bible School.

And then the week after that will be the week before school. That means more school shopping.

And then school starts. I will probably be active during the school year, idk.

Im losing spark.

I might leave.

Sorry. I am not leaving yet.


No, it's totally fine! :3

We won't mind :D

Although we want you to be more active ASAP XD

I hope you have fun! :3
Although school shopping isn't that fun for me XD

Omg I just realized I posted this on the wrong account what even


One of my favorite hopscotcher... Losing her spark??? Noooo