Sorry for not posting much :I



Sorry guys! I'm really trying my best to finish projects! So please do not think I'm not active or will only post like, 1 project every 8 weeks. If I have trouble making projects, it's probably because of procrastination, or complicated code.
It's funny how I go on my account everyday, but don't do anything XD
Here is one game I'm working on.


Looks great!


thank ya!

I lob cats >v<


I'm a big procrastinator


Not a bigger procrastinator than me! XD


Looks amazing!! Thanks for telling us!


That looks like a game I'll see on featured soon...


Looks awesome! :thumbsup:


I Komplek any procrastinators with my procrastination.


Can't wait!! And I totally get it about procrastination. I do it too. XD