Sorry for my Topic!



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I am sorry I did not mean anything mean or offencive. Just delete and I will try and take this off. Go ahead and hate me I deserve it. Bye for good.:cry::crying_cat_face:


Awww I'm sorry you feel guilty but plz feel happy and stay


I'm sure they will forgive you! :smile:


We don't hate you! You just made a mistake! Don't leave!


Hi guys how do we delete accounts? Need answers now


Don't delete! Please! We don't hate you!


I know i just want to


Addiction is a problem


Don't leave! It was just a mistake and I don't hate you! Your awesome!


Make a calendar! Like Monday- 1 hour, Tuesday- 1 hour, Wednesday- 3 hours, Thursday- 1 hour, etc.


We totally forgive you! Your a new user, you just don't know how things work right now! But don't delete your account, we want you to stay!


Now I feel guilty. :smile:


It's fine everyone messes up


@Anonymous I'm gonna be like u and like literally everything


Dont do that if i were you it waste like but since he is a staff he get unlimited likes