Sorry for inactivity on HS! D: / Things I should code!



Hai! I'm So sorry for my lack of inactivity, I have been busy with camp and traveling to our second house and I haven't been feeling up to coding but I Will make up for it by making sumthing! but, I duuno wut that is so if ya have Ideas I could use them...

I visted The don't list ideas!!!!


First fake reply!!!!


Second reply/first actual other person XD




I posted mine a millisecond before you. :0


No, mine is listed first :joy:



It Glitched ;-;-;-;


No fwame wors pweez!
Ive never spelled something worst!!!
And @Pingu, I know...
I always know...


It's not rly a flame war lol

I needs to geebat lol



I has nu ideas

Aim so soree