Sorry about well... ~MiNi


Hi guise. So recently I've been talking about leaders.
Wayyyyy too much. I'm just going to stop. I'm sorry if I've annoyed you or anything. I just haven't been feeling... I just haven't been feeling like myself. Sorry guys.



Wait your mini?
And it's okay we've all been there


Well technically this is a shared account between some of my friends.



That is okay, don't worry about it :D


I feel bad tho.
It's a dream for me to be a leader, but I've been fantasizing about it. I have to accept the truth.

Plus, I haven't exactly been "me" on here.


MiNi, you are a leader. You may not have a badge or at that trust level, but you are still a leader :)


Thanks, I don't need pity (not supposed to be offensive) :wink:
It's not that bad. :)
I just feel crazy XD it's hard to explain


Well I hope you feel better soon if yo feel crazy XD


Errr, have fun not talking about leaders????

IDK, but I'm not annoyed. ;)


You still have been very humble about your job as president.


I don't feel crazy
i am crazy


i think we all wonder why we were so weird.