SOOp34B p03pl35 0f H0p5c0tcH!



So, I have been watching a lot of topic. The past 2 weeks their has been a lot of 'top projects', 'top Hopscotchers', 'I will give you a shout out if you do this______'. I have thought of something completly new. DUN, DUN DUN, DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN DA! Phase Admin® presents you! The thing when I look for good users, see their projects, see if they are really good and have a good amount of code. Ok, that is not the name!:joy: The name is SOOp34B p03pl35 0f H0p5c0tcH! Which is translated to Superb Peoples Of Hopscotch!

What the people are going to be like

Ok, so don't think that this is unfair. I am going to choose people that I find amused of their work, but I am not going to choose well-known Hopscothers. If you think that they are well-known already, just please don't say it.

What I am going to do!

I am going to look around the happy part of the Hopscotch Community. When I find a really cool and good project, I will go to their profile and check out their other projects. If they have acceptible projects that are very a peeling to me, I may give a shout out to them. Or I might tell you guys that are looking at this to go check out one of their projects! You other Hopscotchers can suggest someone and I can go check them out and see what they have made!

Application for suggesting!

What is the Hopscotchers Name?

Give me a link to a good project.

What are some good projects of this Hopscotcher?

If you think that this is unfair, why are reading this topic then?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!?!?!?!?


Im not exactly sure but heres the one im most proud of(it has sin and cos)


Okay, so I suggest my friend @DragonLover975 (username is the same on Hopscotch)
Their drawing pad got featured, and you'll probably see it floating around the community sometime:
They also make really cool projects that I always enjoy playing! One of my favorites is their holiday card:
They are also really helpful and a great friend!:wink:
Although their projects get a fair amount of likes, I wouldn't exactly consider them super well known, but I do think that their projects are awesome!


Aw, thanks @Giraffedolphin26.

I would like to nominate @DragonDog. One of my favorite projects of theirs was their keyboard, which appeared on Rising.


Thanks @DragonLover975

I nominate @ikeyskywalker
His hopscotch name is ikeyskywalker
He doesn't have a lot of projects but recently he made a Google in hopscotch and is adding more and taking requests
This is his Google v1.3


Thank you @Giraffedolphin26, @DragonLover975, @DragonDog, and,@AwesomeWolf18 for doing the application! @AwesomeWolf18, next time, do not choose your self! I want to have people suggest others! But I will accept you because you are awesome!


I have done something like that before!


I nominate... Mastermind Creations

They have pretty good music projects, I think inspired from orangescent. They also make cool model requests and other stuff.


Question @Phase_Admin: are you making a new account for these shoutouts or are you going to do the shoutouts on your regular account?


I will use the same account! Do you follow me? I am just wondering!


I just followed you!


Thank you to all who liked my main post!!!! I just got the badge of Nice Topic!


Thank you! What is your favorite project of mine? You should look through all of them, if you can at least. :wink:


Gah.. Do i have to choose one?
They're all really cool!:wink:


If you want to, thank you so much!