"Songwriter" Game Topic >>ALPHA IS OUT! :D



Also… @AwesomeJediE, I noticed in your BB-8 game:

that it is hard to drag BB-8 around, th body is only on the outside, and it is hard to press since it is smaller… here is an edit by me that made it easier:
And if you want it when BB is pressed:

Great game tho


Thanks Stal98. I was actually thinking to have BB-8 controlled with a joystick or something eventually, I just had it drag-able for testing. I may use it as dragging after all since you made it easier, thanks for your time.


Thumbs up! That game is amazingly good! It deserves featured, and if you think that it is ready to be played (which I think), then, this could a great project for the @hopscotch-curators to look at.


Thanks so much! Yup, I’m ready for it to be played. Beta edition still has a ton of work to be done but it’ll add many more elements to the recorder. The Beta edition should be able to stand on its own from the Alpha. I hope that people will be able to recognize the work I am putting into both.


Wow, that’s really cool! I can’t like the project somehow, it’s been giving me an error a lot lately.


Oh it’s a common glitch. It means that you have liked it before I believe but when you access the linked version it doesn’t work for some reason


It said you liked it :+1: :smiley:


I’m glad it got featured. I just noticed that :laughing: I’m pretty excited.



@HopscotchRemixer have you been able to figure out the note sounds for the game? Were you able to see any other bugs?


No I still haven’t figured it out…