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Hi everyone! I’m making a project called “Songwriter” and I’m working on developing my idea. Right now the game is in Alpha and I’ll be publishing it soon. If there are some people who could help be Alpha testers (just looking at the game and commenting if there are any bugs) and Beta Developers (just giving ideas on ways I can improve and ideas on things to add in comments, or even offering to add things onto the game via remixing.) I’ll be posting when the Alpha is published (within the hour) and let me know what you think! It’ll be interesting to see how well it working in the web player.


It is out! Let me know what you think and what improvements I could make. @OMTL


That project is AWESOME!!!
I’m gonna nominate it for featured!!! Look! Il tag u!!


Thanks! :smiley: I’m glad you liked it.


There… nominated it


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I love it! I don’t have any suggestions for improvement, this game is already awesome, such a creative way to make a song player, I never would have thought of that!


For beta, I was thinking of having the option to switch between the keyboard, a soundboard, and drums so that more elements could be added to the song. I was also thinking of figuring out a way to delete certain notes from a song (like if you messed up on one note) but I’m still trying to figure that out.


I can be an alpha tester.


Awesome! Let me know if you spot any bugs. Try doing random music combinations and basically try to stump the music recorder/player. If there are any issues or suggestions you have from seeing the code, let me know. Thanks!


I can’t hear any sounds…are there sposed to be May right now?


When you tap the keys, there should be sound. After you record and when you press the play button, there should be sounds as it hits the notes.


For some reason I can’t I don’t know why.


Are you using the webplayer or the app?


I am using the app…


Are you having issues with the sound or the recorder?


No a I have turned the sound on and off and turned the volume all the way up…I just can’t hear it…


Hmmm…did you try other apps that make noise? Do other Hopscotch games with sound work?


Check if your ringer is off…


Cos the hopscotch sounds don’t play if your ringer is off