Somthing you should not go in



  • Okie
  • I will ask a question
  • Wow this is boring


Choose up to 3 options


I voted for all of them xD
First reply!


This is a useless comment please do not like when I come back I do not want to see any likes


I'm out of likes from spam liking @KVJ...


LOL he deserves it he is nice well roll in the questions


We should arrange a big spam liking for @KVJ xD


Can someone else chat but the pickle it's ok you can still chat and yes we should


You're another person xD

How should we do it? xD


I have a few (more in real life ) on the forum they could help us they are in my bio


What's your hopscotch name? I want to like and follow you!


Ok, but we should arrange it in a topic. We could use my general topic...


Ok see ha there I think


I tagged you...


No you really shouldn't :open_mouth:


I already am xD