Sometimes the keyboard stays after pressing play


Sooooooo I was just messing around on the HS app and came across this bug.
I found it by spaming the repeat forever button and adding repeats inside of repeats for about 200 of them inside each other. Then in the center I added a move forward and I pressed play an boom the block bar is down below while the game is playing

What your seeing is the game loaded, but the block bar is still there.


What is the bug…


I don’t see the bug


Ah, idk what to say


it’s happened a few times before for me, but it isn’t that annoying imo


This happens sometimes. It doesn’t matter.


But not particularly important


I have gotten this, but it’s no big deal. I think THT has other priorities but this may get a fix later


It’s probably because all those repeat forevers really slow it down so it kind of freezes there.


It actually happens because I hit play just as the menu pops up. This is because when I place a block, after it gets placed the menu comes up, so if you hit play before that, you get this bug


Weird. I haven´t got this bug before, but I´m sure that THT is greatful for the report.


I saw that too! Sometimes I dont see what I made because of the blocks!


That happened to me a few times last summer I think,


@Leaders problem solved and old topic


The topic isn’t old. It would say, “__ days later” if it was.

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