Sometime in March Until *The Aptitude Test*



The countdown has begun...

The Aptitude Test!!!


Check the title every day to see how many days are left, and check Hopscotch for periodic check ins!


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Yay! I'm so excited :grinning::grinning::grinning: Ugg but two months is so long..........


I have a feeling that @PopTart0219 already finished it and is storing it in her drafts just to make it a coincidence to release it on Feb 19


I know, but it's closer than you think! I worked on the background and a bit of the first answer section :wink:


That's what it looks like when I click randomly until I can't click anymore


It isn't close to being done @Follow4LikesOfficial :joy:


And I know, I'm fixing the background


What is the aptitude test?


Watch divergent. I may have explained it on my last thread, but here it is.

It's basically the test that places you based on your personality and choices.


50 days! Getting closer, and I'm working


41 Days- time to do another update!


21 days


Thanks! Wow, I am not ready! I'll try to have it in by the deadline :wink:


Sorry I am not trying to be rude I just wanted to say 21 days yay


It's fine, I haven't been working on it that much anyways. Let's hope everything works out fine :wink:


I changed the background. I'll show you tomorrow, tell me what you think!!


Me, okay sure!!!!!!




So exited!!!!