Something's wrong with hopscotch!



Something's wrong with hopscotch right now. Most of the projects just have birds! Help.


Why is your picture upside down? It's hard to see the picture when it's upside down.


Plz fix this problem. I drew something and it had a bird in it so you couldn't see it so I unpublished it


Same problem I have to got to people's profile to see they're Awesome projects there was a really good one but now no one will get to see it


It also takes forever for a project to publish


sorrry, must have took the pic upside down, but you get the message, right?


Same As Me! @Liza Please Fix This D:!


Is it still happening right now?


Whoa, that's weird! Is this still happening, @JumpyJose @Fifithefunnyflower @TheAquamarineWolf?


No it went away:smile:Hopscotch is fine now