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Okay. So I'm not leaving hopscotch, or the forums. Yippee. But I am going to be on hopscotch a lot less often, (not the forums) for a few reasons:
1. I've gotten a pretty bad injury.

I bumped my head really hard today, and it's becoming increasingly harder to read and draw. I need to be able to recover well.
2. Tests

I have a lot of really important tests I have to study for, and as the forum is not as addicting as hopscotch for me, I can safely say I can still use the forum during this time. However, I will not allow myself to do hopscotch.

  1. My notifications

My hopscotch notifications are not working correctly, and because I do a lot of talking on hopscotch, I need to know the very moment when the person replies.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you can accept my decision.


I ment to say 3. for my last one, sry.


Yeah I have FSA testing next week... I'll still be on the same. I just have testing.


yeah, but for me its more then that.