Something went wrong



It is not working!:triumph:


Ugh! That must be annoying! That has happened to me before on my project diamond pad. Check EVERY part of the code, and if everything is right double check. From there if it is STILL correct and it is not working that is a bug on the hopscotch teams side. I know how it feels! :wink:


Wait! That isn't what is happening! When you have the you lose thing it isn't turning visible because you don't have it turning visible!


I aready figured it out, even though, thank you for telling me.


No problem! Thanks for telling me.


Glad you worked it out @teddyweddy23 and @Phase_Studios!

And I just wanted to say, I really like how clear your post was with the annotations @Phase_Studios It makes it easier for everyone else to understand what's going on and what could be going wrong. :smiley:


Thank you very much! :joy:


Thanks t1_hopscotch!