Something we have noticed


So yes we are a collab account
But there's something we have noticed
When new people join, everyone helps them out and is extremely nice to them, even if they're usually mean. That is a good thing, but also bad at the same time. Some people will be mean to others and make them sad. So if the new account admits who they are and if they aren't new, that person will most likely dislike them.
Which is why we aren't going to reveal ourselves for maybe a few months, like Anonymous.
-Witness The Litness

@Anonymous, you are so awesome. You're one of our favorite HSers because you're just so chill, fun, but smart too!


hes my witnesss


@PopTart0219 gets it


You guys shouldn't be creating a collab account. You are sharing your email addresses; since you can see it in the account.

I made one with SnowGirl_Studios, but that was before emails were banned, and we didn't fuse it anyways.


I already know her email though.
@EnchantedHopscotcher one of us used their HS email to create it and we shared drafts in hopscotch to make this
@anonymous thanks fren


It doesn't matter. No more doing that, okey?

  1. you arent in any control to tell people what to do. Its a forum
  2. she/he explained and you just say "whoops doesnt matter haha" whoops guess what same thing applies to you what you just said doesnt matter oops what a mistake


what if its a collaboration with people that know each other irl from school

whoops your argument is again invalid sorry

dont assume please


I think a collab account is perfectly fine.


I have an alt pretending to be someone for almost a month by now. But by far Anon just didn't reveal himself, it's been about 10 months by now.


Here, you are probably KayKay. You mentioned Jacob Sartorious in a post.


Just because the account mentioned Jacob sartorious doesn't mean it's KayKay

Jacob as millions of fans :)