Something that's Going to Stop! (Hopefully! :D)



Ahh. You clicked on this topic! Now you are reading this.

I've noticed lot of this, and I want to end it badly.

Why do people say they are quitting, but they aren't, and it's just a bunch of click bait!?

Yep! Sure, there's "I may not be on much in the next few days/weeks!" And "I may have to leave because of blablabla, and it's not definite!" But then there are things that make it seem 100%, they get likes, and then they decided to stay.


Because they want to be the talk.

How should we stop it?

Not do it ourselves! Not support it!

Thank you for reading this, everyone!

If you want to post on this topic, be nice, respect others opinions and differences, and be on topic!

Comment ahead guys!


Very, very well said. :clap::grinning: (:wink:)


Not trying to be offensive, but I did a similar topic (?).


The good news is that you are targeting everyone. Even those without problems.

Me, on the other hand, is targeting SPECIFICALLY on the quitters...


Thank you! I need to add something...


It's fine!

It was just getting on my nerves, so this time I was going to give a friendly reminder to everyone!


This was getting on my nerves as well,
well said.


Thank you!

Infinite likes for everyone! :D


This is a great topic! People have been quitting because of "bullyin.g" such as @friendship2468 me and her well I dont want to talk about it but see said she was leaving because of me but ends up she could not leave and no we are best friends right @friendship2468?


Yes we are both sometimes you say stuff I don't like. :hugging::hugging:


Yep but that goes with anyone!


Nicely said, it brings back memories!


I'd just like to say if you're leaving for interest loss in Hopscotch or so-so, it's fine. The only thing you cannot do is leave because of popularity or to get likes.


Can you say something like that if it's actually true (and important) and you're not trying to do it for likes? Is that fine?


Yeah! People can't devote their lives to an app.

Some people just make a project that says "I need a friend so like this project and I won't quit"