Something Strange


Hey guys! This is EP125 you know that lol and recently @Caroline made a topic about her taking a break. Only five people have replied in an eight hour period. Meanwhile, when I make a topic about taking a break, I get 47 replies. That isn't fair. It seems like we me included are only going to the leaving topics about our friends. I think we need to be diverse and go and make people that aren't our friends feel better.

No offense to anybody :slight_smile:


I agree! I just don't usually reply to leaving topics, but I think this should apply to all topics. :)


Yeah, that was just an example.


But a good example nonetheless. :)


thanks! It was the first thing that came to mind


You're welcome! :D


*aren't our close friends feel better


thanks for the correction!


Cool topic @EP125!
I agree.


I don't weally weply to weaving topikz :3


I don't either, but that was just an example. This is for all topics.


Hey guys, I'm @Caroline, the one that @EP125 was talking about. I'm back. Just took me a few days to feel better.


Yay! You are back! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yep, I am back. (Trust me, I didn't hack her account or something because I'm HER.


That's good, it's happened before. Did you have a fun break?


Well, I didn't have "fun"on my rest, but it sure made me feel better.