Something I've been thinking about


Should I change my Hopscotch name/

  • Yes
  • No


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What should I change it to:

  • Keep original (BotanistGirl24)
  • GoldWolf24
  • SuzanneWolf24
  • Suzanne24
  • None of these (please comment other ideas)


Votes are public.

I'm not sure if I will or not because some people won't know who I am. Please be honest. Thanks!


Everybody wants you to keep your name


I really like your username! Don't change it!


Noooooo, I accidentally said 'yes'...

I regret my existence


There, fixed


Everyone (including me) wants you to keep your name xD


Thanks everyone!
@MR.GAM3R @Explorer_ @ThePickle @KatrinaPlays


@BotanistGirl24, you wouldn't be the same with a different name. I remember whenever we were friends when I was 'Glitter Panda' xD


Keep this name! Everyone like it! See? :slight_smile:


Thanks DMFGames!!!! :grin:


Thanks Panda! Ya I remember you were GlitterPanda it was a cool name but so is PandaBlossom :ok_hand::purple_heart::green_heart::heart: