Something is Wrong



This is an area where we can say what we noticed is a flaw with the forum and app. Please don’t be rude to other people.


You can change what people said before. I will quote myself (from above) as an example…

@Liza Help! People could do some harm with this.


No it couldn’t lol

Literally just hit the down arrow to expand the post


Yeah, you can, but it doesn´t affect the original post, fortunately.

Also, did you know that this forum isn´t coded by THT (The Hopscotch Team)? They are just responsible for the content, basic layout and more. The forum is actualy coded and maintained by a company called Discourse, and you can read more about them here:


Oh. That’s just blah. What if something terrible happened to this forum?!?!!???


That’s when THT gets involved, but otherwise, leave it to discourse


That depends on if it is something affecting all Discourse forums (like a global software bug) or just this forum.