Something is happening.. new profile layout?



This is what @anonymous’s profile looks like on Opera on Windows 7.

Is there a new profile layout on PC? It’s happening with everyone’s… @OMTL

Also, this looks thinner (the category select):


Also, I can’t see the likes next to top topics anymore?


you shouldn’t put your email in the picture, please make sure you block out that kinda stuff XP




I don’t see any changes.


Hmm… It’s only for PC atm


Yeah, looks fine to me.


Oh. What did it used to look like?


Yes, I noticed that too. The bar where it shows Joined, Last Post and Last Seen used to be grey.


No, your picture looks how it did before.


Ok. That’s why I didn’t notice anything.


lol why my pprofile


It looks exactly the same for me :P


It seems that the forum has been updated with lots of stuff recently, like a thing where you can see who is replying on a topic (I don’t know if it’s still active though), there are new badges and lots of new stuff basically. It’s cool!


rick owens margelias all on my feet