Something I need to say



As the title says, I need to say this. I'm sorry. I have been horrible to people and I owe them an apology. So, from @Horseflowernc to @OrangeScent1, @CreativeCoder, and most of all, @LazyLizard, I'm sorry.


That's awesome that you gave an apology! I call that a sign of bravery.


Wow! You are so brave! I forgive you, even though I haven't seen anything bad.:joy: Like @Kiwicute2016 says, a New Day is a New Start :smiley:


New day new start says @Kiwicute2016's quote! Your very brave for apologizing, I've never seen anything bad but it's ok, new day new start! Change it around :smiley: be happy keep coding- Crazy_cake