Something bad happened to me


Thanks for all the support guys and I will be on regularly as usual.


Feel better! That must stink feel better!


Okay, now it's believable. Thanks! Doctors do seem to take ages…

I hope you're better soon so that you can have some summer fun!


@Issicandy, I broke my arm on Easter. I tell you, it stinks (both literally and figuratively :wink:), but it's an okay road to recovery. I feel bad. Wierd question: are you a lefty? I am, and I broke my left humerus.
Hope everything goes well!


Oh, it's supposed to be this.


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wut? What do you mean?


The GIF wouldn't show up, so I quoted it and it did.


Oh.... Got yea :wink:.....

but then you stole my likes....


Me in my cast!


Ahhh get well soon at least ur hair looks nice


Oh @Jess888 thank you so much!


The B&W filter is so... dramatic


Lol I just love curly bangs shame I have straight hair but anyways GBOT- get well soonnn




Anyone can type with one hand.. I am right now! dun Dun DUN @tankt2016


Oh no!
That's horrible!!
I broke my wrist. It was NOT fun.
But, on the bright side, you can code more!


Now this makes me think

Is there actually a term for half-ambidextrous?

Or do half-ambidextrous people only know about it :smirk:

Off topicness

I can write and draw only with my right hand and I do the majority of stuff with my left hand :00


Get well soon!

When I break a bone, I get in a very bad funk where I stay my room for ages!

Tip- think of worse things that could've happened there. It makes me feel better!

I currently have a broken foot along with 3 broken toes, and possibly a broken ankle!


Ouch! That's must hurt!

A lot!

I have never broken anything :0

Don't look if you are scared, or creeped out easily- but I have cracked my head open


Oh no! That's not good either! Get well soon! C: