Something bad happened to me


This isn't very hopscotch related I know this. But I'm not trying to get attention or anything. It's just I sort of broke my arm! I know this isn't hopscotch related and I'm probably going to get suspended from the forum for this. But I had to spill the beans!
Also this will not at all affect me on hopscotch or on the forum. So look out for some new games!


Are you okay?


OMG, I am so so sorry, get well soon!


Oh no! I hope you get well soon! :D

You can make this related by announcing in your topic here if you're going to be more/less active on the forum and app, etc. :D


How can you type well with only one arm? Is this a pity post?
Anyway, if this is true, I hope you're better soon.


This isn't a pity post it's just i can't really bottle things up very well!


I am ok but my arm keeps on hurting! Owww


Don't say that... It's not very nice.


I will be inspecting this…Just making sure it's not a lie.

How did you brake your arm?
When did you brake it?
What arm did you brake, left or right?
Are you right-handed, ambidextrous, half-ambidextrous (invented by me, it means you can do some things better with one hand, others better with the other hand, I think I'm half-ambidextrous), or left-handed?
Do you type with one hand or two?
Did you see a doctor?


No offense, but real sempethetic @Gilbert189 :confused:



I'm trying to help relate it. I also said that I hope he gets well. :D


Sometimes it doesn't HAVE to be related. :confused:



It does have to be related, that's a rule of the forum. :slight_smile:


It was sports day. I was running in a race when I bumped into a lady standing on a track. I landed really awkwardly on my arm and now it's in a cast.

I broke it around midday.

I broke my left arm

I am right handed but I open things better with my left arm

I typed with one hand.

I saw a a doctor which took ages so that's why I'm posting late.


Thanks for all the support guys and I will be on regularly as usual.


Feel better! That must stink feel better!


Okay, now it's believable. Thanks! Doctors do seem to take ages…

I hope you're better soon so that you can have some summer fun!


@Issicandy, I broke my arm on Easter. I tell you, it stinks (both literally and figuratively :wink:), but it's an okay road to recovery. I feel bad. Wierd question: are you a lefty? I am, and I broke my left humerus.
Hope everything goes well!


Oh, it's supposed to be this.