Something annoying in the new update



So, I’ve noticed in the new update, objects cannot be unselected. Meaning when you tap on an object, tapping on an area on the screen where there aren’t any objects won’t cause the select object screen to go away. So now, once you’ve selected an object, all of the objects show up transparent, and it’s impossible to get them to go back to full opacity. This is especially annoying if you’re trying to make object art or see where a bunch of objects are. I don’t know if this is a bug or what, but please remove it.


This also means that if you want to select an object that’s covered by the (+see code) button forthe object you have selected, you have to select a random object to get the (+see code) button to go away


Last time i checked, this was just a glitch I’d get sometimes and I would just have to reset the app to let me hide the see code button like usual. But maybe it’s permanent now


I’ve experienced this,and it is very annoying.


I haven’t really noticed that, but if I think about it, I might have noticed it without thinking about it when I coded with the new editor update one or two days ago. Something was making me wonder why I couldn’t select an object like in the old Hopscotch versions, so this might be a bug.


I have that problem too

I agree it’s really annoying