Someone's manipulating me!


Guys, this really nice girl followed me and liked, um, ALL of my projects, yet I didn't follow her yet. So, I wanna know what to do, because she made some projects addressed to me, and I want to know what you think of these:


@friendship2468 you have no obligation to follow them, don't let them guilt trip you into following them if you don't want to, that's manipulation and is not okay


Well for one, it hopscotch so it's not technically bribery.
Two you should see what she/he wants
Three if it's unreasonable or inappropriate then don't help, but if its friendly and reasonable what's the hurt in helping them out? Thanks my opinion anyways.


What does obligation mean?


P.S. Look at this as something good as well, not bad. You can now realize that people look up to you! It's up to you if you help them or not. But on the flip side, if people constantly do this (like every day) then you don't fell the need to do any thing because they are being inconsiderate. But if it's like every week or so they are fine.


an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.
"he has enough cash to meet his present obligations"
synonyms: duty, commitment, responsibility, moral imperative; More
the condition of being morally or legally bound to do something.
"they are under no obligation to stick to the scheme"
a debt of gratitude for a service or favor.
"she didn't want to be under an obligation to him"


I only follow people that I need a link to or if I know them good, or if their projects are awesome! 1
Link to- She is always in my activity bar, I don't need her link
Know- I don't know her at all except for her name,she probably likes one direction
Projects- they are good, but I don't look at them much.
She's a fan girl.


Responsibly, broken down to obligation.


Listen, bribing is one of the closest thing to being mean on the Internet. It just depends on how you take it...


You don't have to follow them. Look at their projects and see if you really like them and think they are cool. And then decide.


@friendship2468 well, @Curved_Guitar explained it very well, it means that you are legally/morally bound to do something


Good suggestion. If you don't want to follow them, just ignore the projects.


Okay, thanks Liza and @PopTart0219 and everyone.