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some secret story thing,

well, ok


whats the point of making it secret tho?

like just put it on deprecated if u really dont want ppl to see it lol.


oh hallou dir, my nahmi ais soumiouni, houw ais iviryoni toudahy?


Hello to you too.

How are you?


prritty faini aif youoo ahsk mi.

i’ve been doing this thing which i really just wanna finish today as soon as possible bc i’ve spent too long on it lol.


I do ask you. I’m glad you’re good.

Haha lol I get that. What is it? (I’m assuming it’s another epic drawing…?)


its not that epic lol, but it is drawing.


Eh it probabaly is epic because you’re drawing it.

Can I see it so far?


no bc im almost done with it anyways.

what about u tho?


Haha okay.

Wdym “what about you”?
Like how I’m feeling or what I’m doing or…?


i was initally just asking art wise, but if u wanna explain ur mood go right ahead lol.


Haha well art wise I drew fearless a day or two ago for an art project we had to do and now I’m working on the thing for their bday.
I’m in a pretty good mood rn tho, so no explaining needed haha


anyways, what brings u here, only like three people ever come to this topic to talk so yeah…


Idk I just saw it on lastest and saw that it was basically just you so I thought I’d keep you company I guess


i dont blame anyone for not talking to me tho, more power to them i mean literally i do make quite the big oopsies and goof-offs in the history of the entire forum sometimes lol.


Well you’re human, you’ll make mistakes.
People probabaly just don’t talk to you that much because of time differences or something. It’s probabaly not you as a person


no not really, there’s always people on when im on at my time.

its a matter of choice, and as i previosly said, i make like the most hurtful mistakes bc they end up having consequences on those i end up interacting with sometimes, who’d want to hang out with me like that? i bet u nobody.


Oh okay then…

Oh… who have you hurt through your mistakes? (If you don’t mind my asking. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want)
I’d still wanna hang out with you tho, you seem pretty cool and I don’t think we’ve talked much


you’re kinda pushing it for a first convo lolazo,

like would you yourself share that kinda info if you met technically a stranger for the first time?


plus if i say anything itll only help to repel ppl even more