Someone45356's topped general topic as tops topped topics (gt #2)



Ok who flagged this
If you wanted it down you could’ve just told me oml


hhhhh i’m sorry, let me edit it


Omtl gets ticked off no matter what you tag them for tbh
I don’t und?.erstand? What? It’s for? Then? What is a good time to tag them I don’t


school is a waste of time and you can learn way more on your own


some ppl get naturally grumpy when it comes to omtl for no reason lol.

at least i got quite a few responses anyways so its fine.


that’s what happens when i write quickly without thinking about it


i could not agree more to this lol.

i have learned one heck of a lot more at home than i ever had at school.


Ig it’s because omtl gets tagged very often and some people don’t like getting many HS forum emails.


wait when was the last time omtl got tagged before this?

it couldnt have been that long tbh


It was a flagged post, then it was deleted.


yeah but when was it as in time?


I mean it was pretty important though, but I get it, it can get annoying


It was posted while I was still in school, around 11:30am PST.


that’s like 2pm where im at

ugh whatever lol.


its annoying how there’s no other way to contact everyone.


Yea and its not like we can make a padlet for everyone to join lol


now what lol,

should we just make the same question but like on the drawing topic?

ig it would work since only ppl who care about hs art would even see that to begin with lol.


in other news
this song is pretty good


Yea, we could do the drawing topic because a lot of people tend to go there, and some even have it on watching so they can go through the replies


wait @tankt2016, whys ur topic on unread?